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Bungie rolls back controversial Destiny matchmaking changes

On June 11, the Destiny developers made a big call for their long-standing title. They flipped the switch on skill based-matchmaking, which has been one of the most controversial topics in gaming over the past few years. There were a few reasons Bungie decided to remove the unpopular feature from all but their most competitive PvP modes. A few more people were playing Destiny in general, sure, but that always happens when a new season begins.

Others came back amid the growing hype for Beyond Light too. This week, however, that all changed.

The blood-flecked Iron Banner hangs over Destiny once more, this time with (​hopefully) better matchmaking. Bungie tested out the new.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Destiny 2 players are getting their first taste of the Iron Banner this week. A semi-regular Crucible player-versus-player event in the original Destiny , the Iron Banner offered exclusive wolf-themed armor and weapons for skilled players who were willing to put in the time.

But things have changed in the sequel, and not just because the Crucible is a four-on-four affair this time around. PT on Tuesday, Oct. Level advantages were enabled, which meant that your gear mattered — if you were at a Light level of , you would do more damage to and take less damage from a Guardian who was at, say, Light.

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Destiny 2’s PVP population is booming, but its matchmaking structure needs modern improvements. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

Heads up: The current in-game tooltip for Iron Banner is incorrectly stating that Better connection, and not every player is Flawless/Unbroken with usually an argument leveled against solo casual players, but running with.

Along with new and returning loot, the popular PvP mode changed its matchmaking system, to great effect. It was even dubbed “Iron Lagger” by some players due to how bad connection could get during the chaotic 6v6 matches. Since Destiny 2 uses a hybrid of client-server and peer-to-peer connection systems, players don’t simply connect to the best server in their vicinity.

Every match, a host player is chosen and every other player connects to that host. If the host has lackluster internet, so does the entire lobby. Player numbers spiked this week, and the current Iron Banner has become the most popular Destiny 2 has ever witnessed. It remains to be seen whether the high population can be maintained. The problem now is that it has many matches end in a crushing defeat or victory, forcing the game to break the match-up and start over.

While some people think that SBMM was a great addition, others are arguing that it has ruined their desire to win games, since match-ups are now unpredictable. With Destiny 2 Shadowkeep , the studio had decided to go all-in on SBMM and had implemented it across all playlists except for the more frenetic “Classic Mix” which still prioritized connection over skill.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner guide: weapons, armor and more

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Reminder: Skill-based matchmaking has been disabled in Iron Banner this Season. The event will work similar to last Season with a few new rewards. Players who choose to not turn in their Iron Banner tokens to Lord.

All players also earn increased Valor in the Crucible this week! Reminder: Skill-based matchmaking has been disabled in Iron Banner this Season. Info from TWAB:. The event will work similar to last Season with a few new rewards. Bungie added two reprised weapons and curating the weapon reward pool down to eight weapons. Here is a look at what they do:. The armor set this Season will be a reprise of the Iron Fellowship set.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner New Perks and Weapons Guide

Bungie is doing away with skill-based matchmaking for most Crucible modes as it apparently made the experience less enjoyable. Some of the cited reasons are longer queue times and potential lag. The new matchmaking is supposed to be connection-based so we should technically have fewer lag glitches where we keep shooting a Guardian and nothing happens.

Having brought new matchmaking settings to Iron Banner in Destiny on internal Matchmaking team for working so tirelessly on this problem.

This alongside some clarifications regarding matchmaking. The OP predicts that Bungie is going to pretend that they are doing their player base a favor by letting them re-earn Solstice armor from previous years as ornaments and later on, act somewhat puzzled by the time players are upset that they have to grind for old stuff that in fact should already own.

He even pointed out that such a prediction has already happened in Iron Banner. The OP post caught the attention of Community Manager Dmg and responded to his post, though he stated that he was not satisfied with the reply given by Dylan. The OP also highlighted that activities like the Sundial do not require heavy team play adding that one just needs to have power levels that are high enough. Cross article and Lawrence Lease video.

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Destiny 2: Has a Huge PVP Population, but Matchmaking Needs Modernization

We’re going on 9 seasons now and teams STILL are matchmade with one team being utter garbage trash with maybe one or two good players on it and the other full of either PvP edge lords or OEM, Recluse, Montaintop crutch users. Bungie, just abandon skill based matchmaking in favor of connection based and just randomly put people in teams. Keep it in competitive only where it actually matters, not in pick up games and Iron Banner. It’s making me quickly lose interest in any type of matchmaking in this game.

These changes did not affect sidearms, the No Land Beyond or the Universal Also, Crucible bounties can be completed in Iron Banner matches, whereas Iron All players will receive their end of match rewards and return to matchmaking.

The developer behind Destiny – Bungie – has received flak since the unmentioned update to its matchmaking system since the launch of Destiny: The Taken King expansion back in September, and on Monday the company said it’s taking steps to address those issues and its corresponding handling of the same. As that work progresses, I’d also like to pledge that you’ll be more included in that process,” Bungie community manager David Dague said in a statement.

Bungie will introduce the new matchmaking system trial – one that makes network latency a priority – a full 24 hours after on Wednesday night, to provide itself with two different sets of data to consider and analyse. The previously unannounced change in September brought skill-based matchmaking to Destiny, in place of the original location-based. That introduced heavy lag to most games, frustrating players all around. The company said it didn’t tell the players because it was looking to collect “unbiased” data after the matchmaking change.

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If you do not want to play with random players and have a fireteam big enough to Unlike in Destiny, Iron Banner in Destiny 2 isn’t a reliable way to boost your five for a win and two for a loss — you’ll need to work together with teammates.

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Please @Bungie Crucible & Iron Banner NEEDS Connection Based Matchmaking Not Just Trials Of Osiris!

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